Anna Szotkowska

Radio Centre of Folk Culture

The project ‘Polish Traditional Music – Phonographic Heritage. The current state – preservation – sharing’ that has been carried out for several years makes us realize how rich the collections of Polish folk music are – located in various cultural institutions, scientific institutes, Polish Radio broadcasting stations, museum archives or private collections. Most of the recordings need to be secured, copied onto modern carriers, technically elaborated, digitized and – ultimately – made available via the Internet database. This will create a fairly complete picture of the sound documentation of Polish folk music, made over the last several decades by researchers, ethnomusicologists, folklorists and enthusiasts of this music. The effects of the work undertaken as part of this project can be found in the articles discussing individual collections, published in subsequent volumes, edited by Jacek Jackowski from the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences in cooperation with the Liber Pro Arte Association.