Remigiusz Mazur-Hanaj

“In Crudo” Publishing house

The resources of audio and film recordings documenting Polish folklore (especially performing arts – singing, instrumental music, dance) as well as national and ethnic minorities are as large (unexpectedly) as scattered. In view of the catastrophic damage that World War II caused in this area, these collections are priceless. Therefore, the long-term initiative of the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences, also in cooperation with the Liber Pro Arte Association – centralisation of these collections and information about them, technological support, digitisation, professional elaboration and sharing – is profoundly worth supporting. Many countries in the world have been implementing similar projects as a priority for years and this is often regulated by decisions taken at the highest state level (including, for example, the United States and the Library of the US Congress). The Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences is the only institution in Poland predestined to perform such undertaking due to its advanced technological and IT base as well as having experienced proffessionals.